Guides Day Off

Every once in a while, I get to actually go fishing. You may be thinking to yourself, "you fish every day, it's your job!" Guide days are spent rowing, untangling lines, and re rigging flies and leaders. And that's just the tip of the iceberg. Even better than getting a day to fish on my own, is a day of fishing with my fellow guide buddies. We get the chance to bounce techniques off each other and pick each other's brains about ideas we have. With such a complex fishery and huge ecosystem, developing that kind of synergy is key to success on the water on a daily basis.  

Even more rare is a day on the water with three guides fishing in primo conditions for catching trophy browns. Tommy, Jason, and myself scored that day. When these rivers turn on, it can totally blow your mind. It was such a fun day, that I had to share a few photos.  And for the record, I got out fished...

Jason with a heavy 27.5" pig! 

Jason with a heavy 27.5" pig! 

The boys cheesin' with one of a couple two-footers  

The boys cheesin' with one of a couple two-footers  

The New Rig

I picked up my first boat from Rob over at Supreme Boats in Mountain Home in October of 2013. I had been turned onto the rowable jet boat idea in Alaska, and noticed several guides were running them on the Arkansas Tailwaters. I wanted a piece of the action. Before this, I was guiding out of my drift boat and had no idea what the jet boat would do for my operation. I spent the next year working from my sparkly silver and red L48XP, and loved it the whole time. There were a few tweaks that I wanted done on my next boat (isn't that how it always works?), and the boys at Supreme were all ears. a Year later, they had a new jet specific mold in the works. They strayed away from the traditional "banana bottom" river jon style, and flattened the bottom out to accommodate a jet, and made a deeper tunnel to feed the pump better, along with other more specific tweaks. In the end, they built a boat that runs better than I could ever imagine. the 207XP. I am very excited about this boat. It runs, rows, and looks better than ever, and the build and craftsmanship cannot be matched. Not to mention, every measurement in the boat is completely custom and they went to great lengths to make sure it is exactly the way I wanted (and it is).

The Swap..

I'll reemphasize that the customer service from Rob Williams and the boys at Supreme is unmatched. I have loved running and working from this boat, and clients and liked the new dimensions and design as well. 

Shawnee & Supreme Boats
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Phone: (870) 507-0902 
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The Longest Winter

If you haven't been outside in the past two months, then you may not have experienced the polar vortex that has taken the country over. We have felt it here, with numb hands, frozen rod guides, and icey boats, but that hasn't slowed the fishing down on the White and Norfork.

Conditions like this make it a huge possibility to land big fish like the one my great client, Andy, boated last week!

Watch closely and you might just see some fish caught on the surface... Enjoy!

Keep your eyes peeled for more videos, brought to you from Flight Outdoors and yours truly!


Winter Fishing Report 2/4/14

Yet again, I have to apologize for fewer fishing reports as I had promised. Good news, duck season 2013-2014 has come to an end and I can finally get some sleep back and get caught up! There has been some excellent winter fishing, despite the nasty weather we have experienced. Not only here, but across the country, there has been a lot of extremely cold weather and snow. With cold weather comes shad kills around here, though.


White River: The flows have been all over the place. During the work week, generation patterns have been much higher. Flows in the 4,000-17,000 cfs range can be experienced on a daily basis. Over the past couple of weekends, there have been large windows of minimum flow, allowing great wade fishing and easier nymphing. The streamer fishing is slowly starting to turn on, as a lot of the late spawning fish are finishing up their annual dance and getting ready to pack on the pounds once again. The size of streamer depends on the amount of generation, with the lower flows catering to smaller streamers and vice-versa. The nymphing has been stellar, with ruby midges, scuds in tan, grey or olive, and sow bugs being my favorite patterns fished under an egg pattern. 

Norfork: The flows have been pretty much all over the place on the 'fork. In the higher flows, there is definitely a chance of shad being pulled through the dam, as Norfork is a smaller lake than Bull Shoals, and the shad are affected by the cold easier. Small white shad patterns fished under an indicator will be the most effective technique for fish keyed on the small baitfish. Obviously, this method is best from a boat. In lower flows, it seems the fish will eat nearly anything lately. Egg patterns, midges, scuds, and sow bugs (sound familiar?) will do the trick in sizes 14-20. We are starting to see some high quality fish in the Norfork over the past several months, including a good handful of rainbows and cutthroat over 20", and browns seem to all range in the 18-22" range.