A Little Recap...

After returning from an incredible trip to the Louisiana marsh with some great buddies and fellow guides, I thought I would share a little bit about our trip, as well as some of my favorite pictures.

When we arrived for our week stay, several of the other guys had already been there the week before us. When I say they had "been there," I mean exactly that. Bad weather had them cooped up in the cabin, itching to get out and get at some reds. We were able to get out the first day with some sunlight and low(ish) winds. Everyone caught fish, and had a ton of fun. The next few days were spent with bad weather, so we did a little driving and scouting, and came up with a plan. Our last three days were blessed with low winds and no clouds, and we got on 'em. On the last day, we had one of the most incredible days of redfishing I have every experienced, and landed my personal best bull, 31 pounds on the boga! 

Huge thanks to my good buddy Chad Johnson for inviting me along. I can't wait for next year!

Check out the gallery below!