Summer Time and the Livin's Easy

It seems like every time I make a new fishing report, I start with an apology for not writing one in a while.  So here ya go. I'm sorry. Glad that's out of the way.

Now for the report....

After an awesome late winter shad kill that continued for a while through early spring, the caddis took a minute to kick off, but when they did, it was outstanding. I didn't experience much incredible dry fly fishing (although it did happen)compared to years past, but with the cold water still being released from the winter we experienced, I feel like the fish were a little hesitant to hang out near the surface. Nevertheless, the sub surface bite was awesome. The browns munched the little caddis pupa like a fat guy eating a bowl of M&Ms. Every. Single. Day. This bite continued longer than most of us guides expected, slipping right in to a pretty fun sulphur hatch. By this hatch, the fish were definitely more interested in the surface bite, and several quality browns were picked off by clients on sulphur dries. 

Andy with an awesome 24 " shad kill brown

A solid caddis eating brown

24 incher on a caddis pupa

Big brown drooling after eating a caddis pupa

Andy with a solid hopper brown

Mr. Sam with an awesome brown on a sulphur dry

Hoppers... I've been hearing a lot of noise that folks are struggling on the hopper fishing so far this summer. It has seemed to start a little bit later, but things are looking up (including the fish). I would ramble on, but I can let the pictures speak for themselves. People ask me daily, "Brock, when is your favorite time to fish?" NOW. I love summer fishing. Sandals, dry flies, and big browns. It is straight up easy livin'. If you are curious, give me a shout!

Scott with a bruiser brown on a hopper

Scott with a solid hopper brown

They'll even eat a midge in the right spots...