First Time Streamers

I apologize in advance for the lack of reports on the site, but it is hard to post from the river. Over the past several months, I have had more encounters with brown trout than usual, and had been promising my Becky and Pat that I would take them streamer fishing with the conditions were right. They just so happened to be right on the last trip with them. Concerns about lightning and torrential downpours couldn't budge these two from wanting to get after the fish. The day started a little slow, as some streamer trips do. Suddenly, Becky connected. The hook set was perfect, and next thing you know we are connected to a true bruiser. I see the fish jump (yes, brown trout do jump) and immediately know we have a VERY large fish on. In a matter of seconds, the line goes limp. I get the all to common look. What the hell happened? What did I do wrong? Nothing. That is how it goes. Not 5 minutes later, all of us still shaking after seeing the size of the fish that was just on the end of her line, I look over in time to see a monster flash, and Pat is hooked up. We all know that when you see a flash, it always looks bigger than the fish is. This flash looked the size of the boat. Next thing you know, the fish is in the net, a 28" hog of a male brown trout.

The Beast

That fish set the pace for the day, and we continued to hook solid browns all down the river. No more monsters, but fish most people hunt for months to catch.

becky smiling.jpg
close up becky.jpg